Pioneer Heating Appliance by HTP

Pioneer Heating Appliance by Heat Transfer ProductsThe Pioneer™ Heating Appliance from HTP is the most innovative advancement in heating technology to appear in a decade. With many of the features found in HTP's best-in-class Elite Heating Boiler, the Pioneer Heating Appliance is designed to compete directly with mid-efficiency atmospheric and power-vented boilers. With its sleek profile and appliance finish, this modulating condensing heater combines the advantages of thermal mass with the simple installation and maintenance of a cast iron boiler.

Key Features

  • Low energy costs - resulting from an ultra high 95% Thermal Efficiency rating, compared to mid-efficiency products, which operate at maximum efficiencies of 81% to 87%

  • High system efficiency even during low load conditions - the modulating burner operates at a 5 to 1 turndown ratio, matching fuel consumption to demand and reducing cycling

  • Enhanced comfort and efficiency - weather responsive outdoor reset controls reduce the supply temperature with increasing outdoor temperatures for more consistent room conditions and higher system efficiency

  • Sized to fit any residential application - available in four models, ranging from 100,000 to 199,000 BTUs

  • Optimum serviceability - the entire combustion and control system can be accessed by removing a small, lightweight cover

  • Quality construction - the hybrid stainless steel/cupronickel heat exchanger boasts excellent heat transfer properties, while the extremely durable stainless steel tank resists corrosion

  • Excellent venting options - uses inexpensive, easy-to-install PVC pipe and is approved for multiple venting configurations, including the use of room intake air

  • Direct replacement for low to mid-efficiency cast iron boilers - unlike other modulating condensing appliances, the Pioneer does not require a Primary/Secondary piping design, due to its thermal mass

  • Low maintenance design - the "down fire" design of the heat exchanger takes advantage of gravity to remove condensate, while the cupronickel heat exchanger rapidly expands and contracts with changes in temperature, eliminating scale build-up

  • Limited 12 year warranty - backed by the manufacturer

  • Eligible for tax credits and utility company rebates - based on high efficiency ratings

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